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Pelindo supports mangrove
conservation in Tangerang


Jakarta, IO – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) (“Pelindo”) is enthusiastically participating in the mangrove planting event initiated by the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs, in cooperation with the Regency Government of Tangerang, at Ketapang Urban Aquaculture, District of Mauk, Regency of Tangerang. In the event, 15,000 mangrove seedlings have been planted in a 3-hectare lot of land that formerly served as fish breeding grounds. In addition to mangrove planting, the organizers also distributed 200 ketapang kencana (Terminalia mantaly) and 200 mixed-fruit tree seedlings each, for planting around homes, schoolyards and urban forests, all across the Regency of Tangerang. 

The mangrove planting action is synergized between the Coordinating Ministry of Marine and Investment Affairs, the Coordinating Ministry of Human and Culture Development, the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry, and a number of Stateowned and privately-owned businesses. 200 students from across the Regency were involved in the action, which is part of the “Working Together to Make Indonesia Green” mangrove conservation program. The purpose behind their involvement is to inculcate a sense of caring for the environment from an early age, and to give them practical knowledge about the importance of maintaining the coastal ecosystem. 

For this opportunity, Pelindo contributed by providing school equipment packages for the Elementary and Middle School students participating in the event. Pelindo’s Head of Social and Environmental Responsibility Department, Febrianto Zenny, expressed his hope that these packages can help their beneficiaries receive a better education. “We are committed to continue supporting initiatives focused on environmental conservation and sustainable development. This year, Pelindo started by rehabilitating 222 ha of mangrove forest. In addition to environmental action, education is one of the three fields of socio-environmental responsibility that all State-owned Enterprises prioritize. Therefore, this activity is part of Pelindo’s joint efforts with local Government and residents to preserve local biological diversity, as well as to educate the public on the importance of coastal areas for Indonesia,” he declared. 

The Regional Secretary of the Regency of Tangerang, Moch. Maesyal Rasyid, declared that the preservation of coastal ecosystems, conserving and rehabilitating mangrove forests, is supremely important for the environment. By replanting, we are reconstructing the natural fort that protects the coasts from the negative impacts of strong winds, high waves, and even tropical storms. “Without such protection, the coasts of the Regency of Tangerang will be extremely vulnerable to natural damage and disasters. Therefore, it is crucial that we participate in mangrove conservation efforts,” he declared. 

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Coordinating Ministry of Marine and Investment Affairs’ Deputy for the Coordination of Environmental and Forestry Management, Nani Hendiarti, declared that mangrove conservation at the Ketapang Urban Aquaculture is one of the Government’s many concrete efforts to mitigate climate change. “We will continue to encourage national mangrove rehabilitation programs, i.e., by planting mangrove on degraded lands, maintaining good mangrove plants, and improving the mangrove forest function without damaging it, such as by processing mangrove-derivative products and ecotourism. To support this, we need to continuously raise the people’s literacy concerning the importance of preserving coastal ecosystems,” she declared. (des/ast)


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