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Pecel, Gado-Gado gain fame as the world’s best salads


Jakarta, IO – Good news comes from the culinary world of Indonesia. Pecel and gado-gado made it into the list of “50 Best Salads” in the July 2022 version of the food review website Taste Atlas.

The popularity of gado-gado and pecel cannot be separated from Indonesian ancestors who were keen on eating leafy green vegetables. This can be seen from the composition of the two dishes, Kumparan reported on Saturday (30/7).

The two Indonesian signature dishes managed to beat various foods from other countries.

Pecel ranks 13th as the best salad worldwide with a score of 4.38. This Javanese food is famous for its appetizing peanut sauce. A complete portion of pecel is served with a variety of vegetables such as bean sprouts, long beans, cucumber, basil, winged bean, and others.

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Meanwhile, gado-gado, made into the 24th spot with a score of 4.17. The Jakarta-style salad contains a variety of boiled vegetables, sliced eggs, tofu, tempeh, complete with crackers. Similar to pecel, gado-gado is also served with peanut sauce. (un)


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