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Palace denies martial law to be imposed in Papua


Jakarta, IO – Office of the President Deputy V Jaleswari Pramodhawardani said President Joko Widodo has not issued an order to impose civil emergency or martial law in Papua, reported Antara, Tuesday (14/2).

She explained that the declaration must meet certain threshold and has a formal-procedural mechanism according to applicable laws and regulations and it can only be declared by the president.

“Given this, the measures to tackle KKB [armed criminal group] still refer to normal law enforcement procedures and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,” she added.

This at the same time rebutted the statement by House Deputy Speaker Lodewijk F. Paulus who stated that Papua is currently in a civil emergency status due to an attack carried out by KKB at Paro Airport, Nduga regency, Papua Highlands province.


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