Wednesday, September 27, 2023 | 06:21 WIB

New Zealand to tighten border with Indonesia, what’s wrong?


(Source: Kementan RI)

“Foot and mouth disease has always been considered a doomsday disease for New Zealand’s agricultural sector. It will affect every New Zealander, which is why we ask everyone to be careful. If we travel overseas, watch where you go and make sure you don’t come into contact with animals,” Damien explained.

In addition to New Zealand, the Australian government has also implemented a series of restrictions at the border to anticipate the spread of FMD. Currently, the authorities strictly inspect all parcels, baggage, and footwear of passengers originating from China and Indonesia.

Read: Ombudsman RI suspects Quarantine Agency maladministration in FMD outbreak

So far, Canberra has resisted opposition calls to close its border with Indonesia completely. However, the government of Prime Minister Anthony Albanese did not rule out the possibility of implementing further preventive measures. (rr)


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