New suspect announcement proves jealousy not the motive in cop murder, says MP

Trimedya Panjaitan
Trimedya Panjaitan (Source: Viva)

Jakarta, IO – The mystery over murdered cop, Brigadier J, which implicated ex-police internal affairs chief Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, thickens. Police yesterday named Putri Chandrawati, Ferdy Sambo’s wife, as the fifth suspect in the case that has given a black eye for the police force.

House Committee III member Trimedya Panjaitan argued that this effectively rendered jealousy the supposed motive is no longer applicable.

Trimedya said the police must continue to work hard to unveil the real motive behind the shooting.

Trimedya also questioned why Putri has yet to be detained. He said the purported reason that she has been feeling unwell is not acceptable. According to him, calling sick is often a “classic” pretext used by someone to avoid detention after being named a suspect.