Saturday, February 24, 2024 | 06:27 WIB

Badan Bahasa launches 5th edition EYD to accommodate rapid development of Bahasa Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – The Education and Culture Ministry’s Language Development and Guidance Agency (Badan Bahasa) launched the fifth edition of the Enhanced Spelling of the Indonesian Language (EYD).

“This demonstrates Badan Bahasa’s commitment to improve the quality of linguistic and literary services in accordance with the needs of the community and adjust to changing times,” said Badan Bahasa director E Aminudin Aziz as reported by Antara, Friday (19/8).

The launch reflects the rapid development of the Indonesian language in communicating scientific and cultural concepts in the new social order as well as a logical consequence of the fluidity of regional boundaries due to technological developments, especially information technology.

“I express my gratitude for the support of Indonesian language user community so that the development of Indonesian language rapidly exceeds its ancestral language, namely Malay. The launch of EYD fifth edition certainly affects the KBBI (the standard dictionary of the Indonesian language) which we update twice,” he said.


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