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Muhammad Sejahtera Dwi Putra, a shooting athlete – A Gold Medal for shooting at Hangzhou – after 52 years


Jakarta, IO – The name is Muhammad Sejahtera Dwi Putra; he’s a Gold Medalist in the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Shooting-Men’s 10m Running Target. Tera, as he is nicknamed, finished with a final score of 578-15X on Monday, September 25, 2023. 

Tera successfully scored 578 points in the competition that was held at the Fuyang Yinhu Sports Center in Hangzhou, with an average of 9,633 points and details of 99, 97, 95, 95, 94, and 98, in a sequence of six shots. 

Tera was ahead of Vietnamese shooter Huu Vuong Ngo, who scored 571 points. The Bronze Medal went to South Korean athlete You Jin Jeong, with 565 points. 

Tera made history by winning the Gold Medal for shooting for the first time. Although this is not the first time Tera has won a Medal for shooting, this is the first time for the shooting branch to win any Medals for the last 52 years. Tera won his first Silver Medal in the 10 meter running mixed target, at the 2018 Asian Games, where he was defeated by a Korean shooter, Pak Myung Won. 

Not only did Tera present the Gold Medal this year, he also won the Bronze Medal after winning the men’s 10 M running target with Julio Irfandi and Muhammad Badri Akbar by a score of 1667-33. South Korea came first for a Gold Medal, with 1668.39 points, while China won second with 1668.29 points. 

Tera again presented the Shooting-Men’s 10 m Running Target Mixed Run number, Tuesday 26 September. 

“Alhamdulillah, this result is in accordance with the training I have carried out so far. I always try to do my best for Merah Putih. “My feelings are now difficult to express,” said Tera. With a total score of 378-11x, Sejahtera managed to beat Kwang Il Kwon from North Korea who collected 377-9x. Meanwhile, You Jin Jeong from South Korea won the bronze medal with 377-6x. 

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He also won a bronze medal in the team with Muhammad Bakri Akbar and Julio Irfandi.Tera is the second of four children; his father works for the Ministry of Agriculture, and his mother is a loving housewife. As the only family member who works as an athlete, Tera began shooting as a sport in 2014, while studying at Jakarta State University (UNJ), when he was only 17. Tera was born on April 13, 1997, in Jakarta, and met Masruri, a former shooting athlete who eventually became a coach, during an athlete search program for the 2016 West Java National Sports Week (PON). 

Tera pursued soccer and futsal once, as UNJ required all students to participate in sports. The 2018 Asian Games was the first international sporting event where he competed in two events: the 10-meter running mixed target and the 10-meter running standard target. Tera had also won a Gold at the SEA Games, and has competed in world shooting championships in recent years. (rp)


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