Miss Global Estonia calls Bali police corrupt after given traffic ticket

Valeria Vasilieva
Valeria Vasilieva, Miss Global Estonia 2022. (Source: Pikiran Rakyat)

Jakarta, IO – Valeria Vasilieva, Miss Global Estonia 2022, called Bali police corrupt via her personal Tiktok account @lerusi_k. She expressed her anger after she was given a traffic ticket while vacationing on the Indonesian touristy island.

“If you want to go on a vacation to Bali, be prepared. Because the police there will stop you everywhere to check your documents until you give all your money to the corrupt police,” she alleged, as per Sindo, Friday (20/5).

In response to the accusation, Bali Police cyber crime subdirectorate head AKBP Nanang Prihasmoko said that Valeria was no longer in Indonesia. The beauty queen had returned to her country before the police could find her.