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Kla Project Celebrates New Year in“Starry Night New Year”


Jakarta, IO – New Year 2024 brings lots of cool events to Jakarta. One of these will feature the legendary band Kla Project. “In the Starry Night New Year Concert” was held at Puri Agung Convention Hall, Grand Sahid Jaya Sudirman Jakarta. Katon Bagaskara, Lilo and Adi and friends entertained hundreds of guests. 

Starting with a special gala dinner, Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel presented a special ala carte menu, opening band performance, bartending action and various interesting door prizes. The musical event started at 20.00 WIB, while Kla Project premiered its performance at exactly 22.00. 

“Come on, let’s stand up, let’s sing together!” invite Katon. The audience stood up and sang together. Unexpectedly, the atmosphere became warmer, reminding the vocalist of the previous concert. “Wow, it’s already like a concert, isn’t it! Who watched our concert yesterday? Was it good or not? If not, that’s okay, we accept criticism. We don’t get annoyed, we just remember the person,” said Katon and Lilo, joking on stage. After singing, Katon took time to joke again, touching a little on the issue of the presidential election, which is now starting to get hotter. “The time is approaching. The presidential election! Eh, New Year! hahaha….but don’t abstain, friends! For the future of the next generation.” Katon said. He then continued singing a song called “Gerimis”. Not to forget the long-awaited “Yogyakarta” was also presented last night, bringing back memories of that beautiful city, with longing. 

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This band, which released many works since 1988, sang their hit numbers until New Year’s Eve 2023- 2024, at precisely 00.00 WIB. 

The atmosphere was very lively and even more exciting when the DJ played music, as a sign that 2024 had arrived. (des/ast)


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