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Kerajaan Nusantara-themed polling stations in Depok turns heads

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polling station
polling station
polling station
polling station
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Depok, IO – Polling Station Working Committee (KPPS) personnel wear traditional costume while on duty serving residents who want to cast their votes at the RW 03 polling station (TPS) in Depok, West Java, Wednesday (14/2).

Featuring the theme Kerajaan Nusantara (Kingdoms of the Archipelago), a number of polling stations at this location were decorated with royal concepts originating from various ancient kingdoms in Indonesia. TPS 14-20, set up on an open field, feature the kingdoms of Sultan Iskandar Muda, Samudera Pasai, Java, Bali, Medan, Toraja and Pasundan.

KPPS deputy chair Falah Safaat said that apart from attracting voters to the TPS, the thematic set up also aims to remind people, especially the younger generation, that Indonesia has a history of great kingdoms.

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Based on monitoring at the location, residents of the RW 03 had turned up at the TPS since the morning. They queued orderly to register and vote at their respective polling stations. The rainy day did not dampen their enthusiasm to elect the next national leader in the five-yearly festival of democracy.

(IO/Septo Kun Wijaya)

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