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Kemenag Produces Bible Videos in Sign Language


Jakarta, IO – The Religious Affairs Ministry (Kemenag) through the Directorate General of Christian Community Development (Ditjen Bimas Kristen) produced a Bible video in sign language for the disabled.

The video is set to be released on Friday (15/12), exactly 10 days before Christmas, per, Tue (28/11).

“We hope that the presence of this sign language Bible verse video content can be a Christmas gift for Christians, especially people with disabilities,” said Ditjen Bimas Kristen director Amsal Yowei.

This video will be divided into 14 themes, namely love, hope, joy, sorrow, and so on. There are around 170 verses translated into sign language.

While compiling the content, Kemenag collaborated with the Indonesian Bible Institute (LAI). Amsal said the Bible was made through selection stages to ensure that it does not depart from the common understanding of Christians. The selected verse is also based on LAI’s New Translation Bible version 2 launched in February.

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Ditjen Bimas Kristen also collaborated with the Inclusive Connections Community (Konekin), a foundation that works to advance the welfare of people with disabilities. This program is in line with the Kemenag’s commitment to facilitate the access to Bible for the disabled.

In addition, the Kemenag has also printed the Sign Language Mushaf Quran (MQI). The Directorate General of Buddhist Development is also working on braille version of the Buddhist Scriptures. (un)


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