Sunday, September 24, 2023 | 10:09 WIB

Is building 1900 km of toll roads in 7 years an

Achmad Nur Hidayat MPP
Achmad Nur Hidayat MPP, Public Policy Expert and Chair of the Center for Political Economy Studies at UPN Veteran Jakarta.

Road pricing is creeping up; meaning, it is strictly business. For car users only. Common people are the least likely to reap any benefit from it. 

However, it can somehow be considered an achievement, should it generate higher income, fund construction and create a positive impact on the welfare of the people. That is “two thumbs up”. 

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Ever wonder where the food business on intercity roads goes? The toll roads have devastatingly impacted the roadside restaurants that can no longer continue to operate since cars stop passing by. People would, of course, opt for the toll roads. Only a huge restaurant business is able to rent and open their outlets in toll road rest areas. 


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