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Indonesian hospital in Gaza damaged due to fighting between Palestine and Israel


Jakarta, IO – Some facilities in the hospital, located in Bayt Lahiya, North Gaza, were damaged due to the fighting between Palestinian militant groups and Israeli troops.

Farid, one of the Indonesian volunteers in Gaza, explained the situation via a short message to the Central Jakarta Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), reported BBC Indonesia, Selasa (16/5). He said the hospital was hit by bombs and missiles fired by Israeli fighter jets which targeted several targets around the area.

“A number of significant damage occurred to several facilities after Israel air strikes targeting several areas near the hospital on the morning of the fifth day of the aggression in Gaza,” said Farid.

MER-C Presidium chairman Sarbini Abdul Murad condemned Israel’s aggression against Gaza residents and the attacks around health care facilities. He also asked global organizations to move swiftly to stop Israel’s actions.

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“We condemn Israel’s aggression against the civilians in Gaza and the attacks that damaged health facilities protected by international law,” he stated.

“We appeal to the United Nations, the OIC and the international community to immediately take actions to stop Israel’s indiscriminate crimes.” (un)


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