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The noble value behind “Pacu Jawi” festival

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Tanah Datar, IO – The famous bull race tradition is not just known in Madura, East Java, but also West Sumatra. If it is known as Karapan Sapi in Madura, the Minangkabau version is called Pacu Jawi.

Pacu Jawi is a festival held in Tanah Datar regency during the rice harvest season. But now, Pacu Jawi is no longer just a local tradition, but has become an event that attracts not just local but also international tourists. This tradition is performed to express gratitude for the crop harvest as well as a form of entertainment for the community.

The race is unique because the jockeys have to bite the tails of the cows to make them run. In addition, the winning cow will fetch a high price when sold.

For the local people, Pacu Jawi has many meanings. One of them is a way of reminding people to be upright and be able to live harmoniously by strengthening communal bonds. And as the race increases the value of the cattle, it also spurs the local economy. (Muhammad Hidayat)

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