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Indonesia Miniature Park to be built in Poland, expected to become a popular attraction


Jakarta, IO – Miroslaw Wawrowski, Indonesian honorary consul in Gdansk, Poland, inaugurated the Bentar Temple which also marked the construction of Taman Mini Indonesia at the Dolina Charlotty resort. The park aims to strengthen tourism and economic cooperation between Poland and Indonesia.

Miroslaw Wawrowski, who is also the owner of the Dolina Charlotty resort, said he has a deep love for Indonesia. About 12 years ago, he also built Bali Spa at his resort and often made business visits to Indonesia, per Foreign Ministry’s website, Wednesday (9/8).

(Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI)

The Indonesian Ambassador to Poland, Anita Luhulima, also provided support for the construction of the park. According to her, Indonesia Miniature Park at Dolina Charlotty will be a masterpiece and legacy of Indonesia’s presence because the park is not only the first in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

“The concept will be seriously implemented, drawing inspiration from the islands of Bali, West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara. The pavilions that symbolize Indonesia’s cultural wealth are infused with the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika,” wrote Kemlu.

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Construction will begin with Bali pavilion and is projected to be completed next year.  Furthermore, development will focus on traditional housing compound, temples, theaters, restaurants, gardens and Balinese-style ponds.

“This will serve as a strong window for advancing economic and socio-cultural cooperation between Indonesia and Poland,” added Kemlu. (bp)


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