Elon Musk and “Dress Code”

Air Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim
Air Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim, Assumed his appointment as Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Air Force in 2002 and served to 2005. In 2019, Chappy Hakim founded and led PSAPI – the Indonesian Center for Air Power Studies or ICAP.

Who respects whom 

A dress code is closely related to showing respect, as illustrated by the following anecdote: 

One day, the Governor of California received an invitation to attend the anniversary of a nudist community. The big question was, “What will the Governor wear?” 

For official events, of course, the Governor would wear a standard suit and tie. However, at special events such as the nudist community anniversary, wearing a suit might be seen as inappropriate. 

Thus, the Governor decided to respect the host and attended the anniversary party in his “birthday suit”. When he reached the venue and got out of his car, he was stunned to see everyone, including the Welcoming Committee, neatly dressed in suits and ties to honor the Governor. 

On the other hand, in the spirit of honoring the nudist community, the Governor adjusted his dress code for the nudists’ by going nude. 

Too bad there was no story about how the event went. 

Back to the discussion about Elon Musk, who “only” wore a T-shirt when he received the President of Indonesia, I hope the above illustration can help everyone assess the opinions and perceptions growing wild among the public about who respects whom. (Air Chief Marshal Chappy Hakim)