Monday, May 29, 2023 | 20:26 WIB

Eco protesters urge Standard Chartered to stop funding fossil fuel projects

Jakarta, IO – Scores of environmental and youth activists held a peaceful demonstration in front of the Standard Chartered Tower, Jakarta, on Tuesday (19/4). They urged the UK-based bank to immediately stop financing all types of fossil fuel projects, including those owned by Adaro Energy Indonesia. Standard Chartered will hold its General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) in London on May 4.

Jesi Asmoro, campaigner said: “Banks that are still funding Adaro are essentially investing in making the climate crisis more severe. Banks and investors funding coal projects have a clear choice to make, to support sustainable humanity or enrich the coal magnates.”

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The younger generation has been at the forefront of the climate issue. “Young people are the group most affected by the consequences of the climate crisis. Climate change is a crucial issue, and banks must stop funding coal industry to ensure human survival in the future,” said Azka, manager of Enter Nusantara. (Aslam Iqbal)

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