Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 22:52 WIB

China and Indonesia: fostering political communication with an emphasis on pragmatic collaboration


Jakarta, IO – China and Indonesia will work to improve mutual understanding by taking into account each other’s interests. At the same time, neither side will shy away from addressing tough matters. To expand bilateral cooperation, economic and commercial relations must be improved in both quality and quantity. During Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s visit to China, these subjects were discussed. 

The Natuna Islands fishing dispute between China and Indonesia has not been settled. This problem may be raised during the high-level meeting between the two countries. The visit of President Jokowi to China, in meeting with Xi Jinping and other leaders, may build mutual understanding and trust, as well as better evaluate common interests. Negotiations may provide positive consequences. Many advances have been accomplished via collaboration, but the South China Sea problem remains difficult and contentious for both China and India. Leaders must be flexible and willing to make sacrifices in order to tackle this situation. 

The exercise is not directly connected, but it has an impact on the issue’s resolution. It is possible that China may request an explanation of the objective of the exercise and training. The practice is minor in scope, yet it sends a powerful political message with political undertones. The Indonesian public is uninterested in taking part in the U.S. The military drill has a placid demeanor, yet it cannot but but raise significant worries about regional security. 

Indonesia acknowledges the need of confronting China front on and vigorously developing ties. Jokowi is well aware of the situation and is prepared to protect national interests. Jokowi has worked tirelessly to achieve equal, mutually beneficial, and successful growth with China. He is committed to maintaining political and economic ties. 


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