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Chandra Asri Group Has Successfully Achieved Gold and Green Predicate at PROPER Awards 2023 from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry


Jakarta, IO – PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk (Chandra Asri Group), Indonesia’s leading chemical and infrastructure company, has successfully achieved predicate of GOLD for its petrochemical plant in Ciwandan and Green for its petrochemical plant in Pulo Ampel at the Company Performance Rating Program (PROPER) 2023 award from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Gold PROPER Award for Chandra Asri Group was presented to the Director of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs Chandra Asri Group, Suryandi by the Vice President (Wapres) of the Republic of Indonesia, K.H. Ma’ruf Amin, Meanwhile, the Green PROPER award was presented to  Downstream Production Director Chandra Asri Group, Boedijono Hadipoespito, by the Director General of Pollution and Environmental Damage Control, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Ir. Sigit Reliantoro, M.SC, on Wednesday (20/12/2023) in Jakarta.

After undergoing several rounds of assessment, the Gold PROPER, the highest accolade from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, has been conferred upon the Chandra Asri Group, specifically for its petrochemical plant in Ciwandan. This recognition was attributed to the company’s eco-innovations in developing creative and sustainable solutions. Furthermore, the Ciwandan Factory has actively pursued continuous community development efforts and has consistently been awarded the Green PROPER for three consecutive years. On the other hand, the Chandra Asri Group’s Petrochemical Factory in Pulo Ampel has earned the Green PROPER designation for surpassing the required regulatory standards.

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Director of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs Chandra Asri Group, Suryandi, stated, “We express our gratitude to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for the highest PROPER predicate awarded to Chandra Asri Group. This achievement serves as evidence of the company’s strong commitment to sustainability principles and ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) values, demonstrating the implementation of standards advocated in PROPER by the management and all employees of Chandra Asri Group.”

Suryandi further stated that Chandra Asri Group saw the achievement of this PROPER award aligned with the company’s goal as a Growth Partner for Indonesia. The company not only supported the advancement of the economic sector but also paid attention to environmental, social, and governance aspects. This commitment allowed Chandra Asri Group to contribute as a catalyst for the progress of Indonesia.

Chandra Asri Group’s Ciwandan plant, recipient of the 2023 Gold PROPER, has produced environmentally friendly products labeled under the Swadeklarasi Eco-label for HDPE and PP. The company has implemented innovations through Component Changes, enhancing production and supporting energy savings in the Polyethylene Plant reactor system. This has resulted in a reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) by 4,855,947.073 tons of CO2eq and an energy efficiency improvement of 12,470.40 GJ. Additionally, the company engaged in plastic waste recycling processes under the waste embedded scheme. In total, 8.94 tons of plastic pallet waste were utilized in the year 2022.

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In the social aspect, Chandra Asri Group, in collaboration with fishermen, the community, and the Anyar Village Government, has undertaken upgrade in our community empowerment programs in waste management. This program has been involving actively in engaging the community as customers of the Digital Waste Bank (Bank Sampah Digital). From 2020 to 2023, these efforts have successfully accumulated Rp43,572,011.00 from the savings of the Anyar community. This program was integrated with waste management using a pyrolysis reactor, which was the first pyrolysis machine in Cilegon, Banten. The purpose of using this machine was to process low-value plastic waste into an alternative fuel (PLUSRI) equivalent to diesel, kerosene, and gasoline. The specifications of the pyrolysis machine include a capacity to handle 100 kg of plastic waste, producing approximately 60-80 liters of the end product.

“This Gold PROPER award is the outcome of our Social Return on Investment (SROI) value, which has reached 2.66 through the success of our flagship program: the community-based innovation of converting plastic waste into pyrolysis oil. The produced pyrolysis oil is utilized for fishing boats and small and medium-sized enterprises (UMKM), fostering mutualism between the Company and the community in Anyar Village. This achievement also underscores our commitment to Green Leadership, highlighting the strategies and initiatives of top leadership in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices,” added Suryandi.

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Meanwhile, the Chandra Asri Group Plant in Pulo Ampel, which has successfully maintained its Green PROPER status, has produced environmentally friendly products, specifically Styrene Monomer with a waste reduction claim category. The technology used enables the minimization of waste generated in the production process.

In the area of biodiversity, Chandra Asri Group Plant in Pulo Ampel has initiated Coral Reef Conservation in Teluk Banten, support Adiwiyata School Coaching at MTsN 5 Serang, and the Taman TOGA Asri within the company’s internal environment. The implementation of the Environmental Social Responsibility program has been successfully carried out, focusing on Community Empowerment, Capacity Building, Infrastructure, and Charitable activities implemented across four pillars: Education, Health, Economy, and Environment. (*)


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