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BLZR.ID X SB, a collaboration between two generations of designer


Jakarta, IO – No matter how often a collaborative work is created, it will always pique our interest. After all, the final product of such collaboration frequently ends up quite different from the usual work of the original creators, while retaining their distinct characteristics. Collaborations always bring in creativity and freshness into any industry, and more so in the fashion industry. 

Now, we are presenting the collaboration between relative newcomer BLZR.ID (pronounced: blei. di) and top senior designer Susan Budihardjo (“SB”). Their joint work, “SIDIK JARI”, was presented at the Open Door, Alam Sutera, Tangerang on Saturday, 16 September 2023. It is sure to pique the interest of our fashion lovers – something worth waiting for. At the event, Susan also introduced the new logo of her “SB” primary clothing line. 

BLZR.ID is the child of sisters Dennice and Florine Aulia, who originally introduced their ready-towear line in 2014. They spotted a marketing opportunity for local blazers, which was relatively unknown in social media at the time. Their design consistently focuses on modern urban blazers – ones with trim, timeless silhouette. Their designs are marked with strong construction, solid sewing techniques, and the selection of luxurious but affordable fabrics, that end up with beautiful blazers that will not bust your purse. 

“Blazers will always be in the closet of all generations of women, as a versatile and timeless fashion item,” declares Florine Aulia, BLZR. ID, co-founder and Creative Director, concerning their decision to choose blazers as their default fashion offering. 

“Initially, BLZR.ID produced blazers to satisfy the market’s need for feminine office wear. However, blazers have since become a fashion item that you can wear for various events. That’s when we started to design blazers as more fashionable outerwear, and then proposed to our idol, Ms. Susan. We dared ourselves really,” added Dennice Aulia as the BLZR.ID co-founder in charge of design and production. 

“Ready-to-wear” clothing is uncomplicated, light, and effortless. It showcases a mixture of “smartness” and “simplicity”. (Source: MUARA BAGDJA TEAM)

On the other side of the coin, fashion educator Susan Budihardjo is constantly on the lookout for fresh new talent that she can develop, both inside and outside of her Susan Budihardjo Fashion Design Institution. “As a fellow designer, I am amazed that they have lasted so long – BLZR.ID designers are so young, and the brand has survived for 9 years, by relying only on their Facebook and Instagram social media. This piqued my interest. I noticed that BLZR.ID has clean-cut, sporty details, and that there is room for improvement. It is a great challenge for me, as when I collaborate with them, I need to control my ego as a fashion designer and as their senior. I listened to their input about salability and found them to be sensible. This is why I agreed to collaborate with them,” she said. 

Their synergy generated a set of 32 “total look” pieces, each enhanced with a harmonious mixand-match design concept. Susan Budihardjo’s contribution to the BLZR.ID design enriches the style without diluting the essential soul of either designer. 

A Uniquely Rich Collection 

“Sidik Jari”, or “Fingerprints”, is based on the philosophical idea that everyone has their own personal style, one as unique to them as their fingerprints. It is also proof that BLZR.ID has had the unique opportunity to cooperate with the senior fashion designer with her own distinct style, Susan Budihardjo 

“We are lucky to be able to collaborate with Ms. Susan. She is a front-liner fashion designer, who has personally educated Indonesia’s top designers for the past 43 years. She never hesitated to come down and view everything herself, and to give tips on how to handle each piece better. In terms of creation, we become aware of the importance of daring to be and look different, to form the market taste by offering new ideas, and to create statement clothing that further defines the DNA of our collections,” Dennice Aulia said. 

BLZR.ID X Susan has three core concepts, inspired by Dennice and Florine’s experience when they received Susan Budihardjo’s input during their synergy: Freedom, Creativity, and Individuality. 

“Freedom” refers to freedom of expression, as beauty appears when we are free, not bound up by smothering rules. 

“Creativity” means becoming creative in all aspects of daily living. Creativity applies in more things than fashion – it is more about the youthful passion of continuously learning new things and growing, no matter what age. This is how you hone creativity. 

“Individuality”, which means putting on one’s personal stamp into one’s appearance, because everyone should have the spirit of showing one’s true self fearlessly. 

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The three elements intertwined in the collection of 32 capsule sets, easily mixed and matched. The pieces have bright, contrasting colors that shout the courage of one’s convictions. The materials also contrast with each other, as in the case of mixing tulle with the stiff wool used in formal jackets. Loose trousers matched with a crop top blazer combo, which allows the midriff to peek cutely and provocatively in the middle. There is also an oversized blazer and large-piped loose pants, mixed with a detachable apron skirt. 

The entire collection shows a strict, clean, and sharp masculine structure, mixed with playful, whimsical, feminine tulle and ribbons that merge into a unified harmony. “‘Ready-to-wear’ clothing is uncomplicated, light, and effortless. It is a mixture of ‘smartness’ and ‘simplicity’. I find women to be more beautiful when they appear stylish, effortless, and unburdened. And that is what our collection is about,” Susan summed up her views on the Sidik Jari collection. (des)


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