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BlueBand solidifies commitment to support children’s growth and development


Jakarta, IO – BlueBand is commemorating its century of success as a symbol of nutritious, delicious food that supports the happy and active growth of children. Parents and families have trusted the margarine brand in 45 countries over the years. First produced in the Netherlands, it continued to grow and expand into other parts of the world over the decades – Europe, Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. By successfully developing a product that does not need to be stored in the fridge to keep well but will stay edible at room temperature instead, BlueBand became popular among busy mothers and families worldwide. 

Since its inception in 1923, BlueBand consistently maintains its international high standards. It constantly innovates and develops its production technology while maintaining its flavor, making it a trusted pioneer product that supports the growth and development of our children, as our next generation heirs. Tim Verbeek, Upfield President for the AMEA (Africa, Middle East, and Asia Pacific) region, explained that BlueBand’s current achievements originate from the Company’s unshakable commitment and spirit to continuously innovate and bring about positive changes. “The focus of achievement that we carefully keep through the century, even as generations changed, is on serving our consumers and respecting our partnerships. In the next phase, we will continue to innovate, and to constantly hear out and maintain close relations with both our consumers and partners. This is the ‘magic recipe for longevity’ we have inherited,” he declared. 

President Director Upfield Indonesia Dicky Saelan added that in line with the Company’s global, century-old commitment, BlueBand Indonesia also continuously innovates and exerts a positive impact on society.“ 

Among others, BlueBand consistently provides education and support to Indonesian fathers and mothers in raising their children as the next generation of the nation, as well as providing them with an important daily nutrition supplement that tastes good,” he said. 

Back in the 1930’s, global society has just learned about the benefits of vitamins and minerals, and started to become aware of possible new products that help protect health while helping growth. Riding on this trend, BlueBand started to add vitamins A and D into their product, while promoting it as a nutritious, healthful product. Later, BlueBand also emphasized its use of plant-based fat as a healthier solution for people’s meals. Even later, as consumers became more aware of the importance of taste, BlueBand added flavoring and aroma that are reminiscent of butter. This allowed consumers to have more options at a more affordable price range. 

In the 1970’s, when consumers became even more aware of health, BlueBand proved to be a superior product in the margarine industry, as it launched lower fat products in several nations. In 1998, innovated again by providing its products in sachets, which makes it more practical and even more affordable to more groups in society. With further discoveries made in nutrition, BlueBand decided to add Omega 3 and 6 into its products, as a standard supplement. These are important components that maintain the health of the heart and help children to grow, but that the body cannot produce by itself. This is an important innovation that caused BlueBand to become even more indispensable in consumers’ homes. 

To emphasize BlueBand’s commitment to supporting children’s growth and development for a better future for our nation, Upfield Indonesia Marketing Director Ade Savitri declared that its attempts to help with satisfying nutrient requirement are important. “Therefore, BlueBand added important nutrients such as vitamins A and D, as well as Omega 3 and 6, to its products to help children grow and become more intelligent,” she said. 

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Kosala Hewamadduma, BlueBand Chief Marketing Officer for the Asia, Middle East, and Africa Regions as well as Head of Global Marketing, added that every minute, 12 families worldwide consume BlueBand. “We are proud of this heritage. Other than producing margarines, we also innovate by producing varieties of mayonnaise, peanut butter and instant porridge in several countries. We will continue to work even harder to bring about breakthroughs and innovations to expand the opportunities and growth of our business in the future, while still caring for our relevance to the consumer’s wants and needs. We are extremely excited to face the next phase of our business journey, and we are grateful to our consumers across the globe for making BlueBand an important part of their daily lives. We are happy to share joy through our products as well,” he said. (des/ast)


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