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It’s His/Her Day Playground & Lifestyle Experience

Jakarta, IO – It’s His/Her Day 2023 Playground & Lifestyle Experience, held on Nov 24-26 at ICE BSD – and it has left warm memories with the visitors who enjoyed time with family and friends there. 

Edwina Tirta, ICE Partnership & Creation Director, expressed her gratitude for the three enjoyable days. “It’s His/Her Day Playground & Lifestyle Experience is our latest IP from International Creative Events (ICE). It is a very special first edition for us, even though it is far from perfect. We wish to hold an even better expo in the next edition,” said Edwina. 

On the last day of the expo, Fimela Day, as the event’s collaboration partner, organized a selection of exciting events. It began with a reed diffuser-making workshop by Natasha from, flocked by enthusiastic participants. 

In the discussion session, Indonesian celebrity Tasya Kamila, a mother of two, discussed “Digital and Conventional Children Development” on the Fimela Day stage. 

Tasya shared how she and her husband, Randi Bachtiar, limit screen time for their two children. “When they were under one year old, we would not allow any screen time. After one year old, we allow it, but it is very limited and strictly supervised,” she explained. 

Tasya and her husband do not divide the parenting and childcare of their children. “Each of us gives 100 percent; no one gets lighter or heavier tasks. My husband decided to return from the States to work in Jakarta after a long-distance marriage. He feels that he has missed a lot of his children’s development and needs a human touch,” said Tasya. 

Tasya recognized that even though the digital world cannot be put on a break, she must select information carefully. “Particularly health-related information. We must filter information from credible sources; this is included as digital parenting,” she said. 

So, instead of giving her five-yearold son Arrasya Bachtiar a mobile phone, Tasya prefers to allow him to play with his favorite fans. “He loves fans, and I allow it. I also let him play conventional games because it can develop his imagination and fine and gross motor skills,” she explained. 

After the session with Tasya Kamila, Fimela Day continued the discussion with social media celebrity, fashion stylist and fashion editor Ayla Dimitri and skincare and beauty clinic, Erha Clinic. The discussion brought up the theme “Making Decisions in Life vs. Culture Stigma towards Women”. 

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Ayla admitted that her skincare awareness started late, at the age of 27, when the skin produces less collagen, thus losing elasticity. Nonetheless, Ayla’s skin is considered healthy, despite her age of 36. “I don’t think healthy skin is about a fair complexion, because Indonesia has diverse ethnicities and skin colors. If the skin is healthy, it will naturally glow,” said Ayla. She also encouraged the audience to check with skin experts, as everyone has different skin needs. 

The last event on the Fimela Day stage was the presentation of the Fimelahood Awards. 

Concluding the last day, the girl band Virst performed at the It’s Her Stage area. (des/ast)


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