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Again, Armed Criminal Gang shoots at Quick Reaction Forces Command at Kenyam Airport, Nduga


Jakarta, IO – Kenyam Airport in the Regency of Nduga, Papua reported an attack on Thursday (22/06/2023). The Police delcared that local Armed Criminal Gangs again performed terrorist action by sooting at the Quick Reaction Forces Command (Komando Pasukan Gerak Cepat – “Kopasgat”) of the Kenyam Post, the Airport, at about 09.45 WIT (00.45 GMT).

Head of the Papua Provincial Police PR Division, Senior Police Commissioner Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo, reported that initially, two Kopasgat Task Forces on duty for Airport security were attacked. “When one team was heading toward the runway area, suddenly five shots were heard from the twelve o’clock direction of the Airport Security Post,” he declared as quoted by Bisnis, Friday (23/06/2023).

After hearing the shot, “The Kopasgat team members immediately returned the shot. A joint Army-Police team immedately chased back to the Kwari area. Thankfully, no lives were lost in the incident,” Benny reported.

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Benny went on to declare that the situation in the Kenyam Airport is back to normal. “Up to now, the joint team is on standby to anticipate undesirable further developments,” he said.

Meanwhile, Senior Police Commissioner Faizal Ramadhani, Head of the Cartenz Peace Operations, believes that the shooting was an attempt of local Armed Criminal Gangs to gain attention, “As we recently swore in the new Acting Regent of Nduga, Edison Gwijangge,” he declared grimly. (at)


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