Friday, December 1, 2023 | 02:48 WIB

817 historical objects impacted by National Museum fire, damages range from minor to severe


Jakarta, IO – The National Museum reveals damage to hundreds of collections and historical objects affected by the fire recently. They level of damage varied, ranging from minor to severe.

Acting Head of Museums and Cultural Heritage (MCB) Ahmad Mahendra said that the collections and historical objects that were burned were made from bronze, ceramic, terracota and wood, per, Thursday (20/9).

“A collection of miniatures and replicas of prehistoric objects were found intact or with minor to heavy damage,” he continued.

The fire affected six rooms at the back of Building A. A total of 817 collections were burned in this incident. The investigation into the cause of the fire is still ongoing.

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Mahendra said the museum has a total collection of 194,000 items. The remaining collection has been moved to temporary storage facility.

During the evacuation process, Mahendra revealed that several heavy equipment and techniques were employed to salvage the collections in rooms affected by the fire. (un)


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