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Three centuries old, the Umbul Karamah stream in Demak never dries up


Jakarta, IO – The flow of water from the spring ‘Karomah’ in Cabean village, Demak, Central Java continues to flow even though it is being hit by the dry season.

Haji Joko Suksan, 73, a local community figure, estimates that the spring, which is a source of water that sustain the lives of local residents, is around 300 years old and was built during Dutch colonialism.

“That was my question when I was 15 years old. It turns out that my great-grandmother in 1966 didn’t know when the spring was built, so my calculation is more or less 300 years,” said Suksan, per detikTravel, Monday (18/9).

“During the Dutch colonial era, the needs of the communities were addressed. For example, when a certain area suffered from shortage of water then a spring would be built,” he added.

Uniquely, the water from the ‘Karomah’ spring flows to a lower place, but the flow can rise without a pump. The flow of water that comes out of the structure benefits the locals.

The spring is called ‘Karomah’ because it is believed to be sacred. Even though the water has continued to flow for hundreds of years, it is still clear and tast good and people believe it has healing property.

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“The third is related to public trust or confidence. What happened in the field was during the season when children were sick with coughs and colds, with the belief that they were bathed here, thank God, many people would be cured,” he said.

The spring is made from a cement and sand foundation in the shape of a square one meter high and 50 cm wide. It is close to another well. Both are now surrounded by fences and have asbestos roofs measuring five times three meters over it. (at)


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