67th Anniversary of Kopassus “Kopassus Fit” on the move

(photo: Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – The 67th anniversary of the Special Forces Command (Komandan Pasukan Khusus – “Kopassus”) on 16 April 2019 carries a special meaning for its members, as it was on the eve of Indonesia’s greatest democratic event: Indonesia’s Simultaneous Elections. In consideration of this event, the Kopassus decided to delay the celebrations until 24 April 2019.

The celebration of Kopassus’ anniversary through the ages has two essential meanings: first, it is a moment to reflect about what it means to be in Kopassus, how the members can continue to improve their professionalism in responding to the challenges of their duties. Second, it is a forum for continuing relations and camaraderie with soldiers, whether they are still members of Kopassus, moved out of Kopassus, or even elders who have retired from Kopassus. With this understanding, building the values of togetherness, brotherhood, and solidarity of the alma mater as Kopassus soldiers is the primary foundation of maintaining the true esprit de corps of the Red Berets.

In this celebration, Kopassus soldiers are again given the opportunity to
show off their capabilities and skills. The theme for this year’s celebration
is “Kopassus Fit”. Physical development is more than an obligatory part of
training for the Red Berets: it is part of their daily life; it is their lifestyle.
The program was originally Kopassus’ efforts to describe the framework of
the Armed Forces’ Chief of Staff in designing the prime and ideal physique
for soldiers, one that would greatly enhance their ability to discharge their
duty. For Kopassus members, physical and mental capability are their basic
capital. They strive to maintain their standards, while keeping on seeking
new ways to innovate and adapt. By maintaining their mental and physical
capacity, as well as implementing new technology properly, members of the Special Forces would have a better chance of success in performing their mission.

Kopassus soldiers have three principles that serve as the basis of their
course of action, i.e. the “3B”: Berani, Benar, dan Berhasil (“Courage,
Correctness, and Success”). “Courage” from their knightly soul and high
militancy level, “Correct” from the straightness of their loyalty in the chain
of command, and “Success” from the 67 years Kopassus has implemented
professionalism as an unnegotiable value, whether in their operations or in
their practice. Kopassus’ professionalism is part of our country’s strength,
of Indonesia’s sovereignty framed within the nation’s maxim of Bhinneka
Tunggal Ika (“Unity in Diversity”). (Raihan)