Enjoy Indian specialties combined with local Indonesian flavors and a healthy food menu

Kalture Café & Resto is conceived in such a way that makes you feel like you are at home. (Photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – As the country’s capital city, Jakarta has a variety of local and international food menus that can spoil every citizen. Because of the large number of foreign workers in Jakarta, you can find all kinds of food from all corners of the world here. One of them is a restaurant that serves a menu of foods originating from India, styled combined with local specialties that dominate the South Jakarta region. By using the name KALTURE Cafe & Resto, Executive Chef Geetika Sainani succeeded in realizing a love for the world of cooking to provide happiness for every visitor who come to her restaurant. Located in Executive Paradise Complex, Cilandak, South Jakarta, this restaurant puts forward a comfortable concept as well as being at home with views overlooking the pool, KALTURE Cafe & Resto promises many interesting things for Indian food lovers with a touch of local flavors to fulfill the needs of the capital’s citizens.

Owner and Chef Geetika Sainani revealed that she was proud to make all the dishes with the best and freshest local ingredients available easily for all the food she makes for people who visit the restaurant. Most raw materials are obtained from traditional markets; only a few raw materials are imported directly from India and other regions. Even the sauce served is made with its own recipe to promote a healthier menu. When I visited KALTURE Cafe & Resto, I ordered Chicken Biryani rice. Chicken Biryani rice is an Indian dish rich in spices and flavor, with soft and tender chicken meat. This food menu is typical rice menu flavored with fragrant and spices. This is a dish that is definitely a must to try if you visit the KALTURE Cafe & Resto.

Kalture serves almost all elements for visitors who are vegan to those who are vegetarian to child-friendly food to the healthy eating choices they provide. Not only that, KALTURE Cafe & Resto also often hosts lunch for a group of women or Arisan or a birthday party to celebrate a nice dinner by the pool or even other events such as Corporate Dinners. As a chef, Geetika Sainani on several occasions also served food for Narendra Modi who was the 15th Prime Minister of India when he visited Indonesia. Geetika Sainani is trusted as the chef who provides Narendra Modi’s favorite food.

She revealed her love for the culinary world began when she often helped her mother cook when she was in her teens and that also ultimately made her decide to open a restaurant business when moving to Indonesia. Not only that, she is now very serious about creating healthy food, which she did because of her husband, who suffered from high cholesterol and gout. Therefore, she decided to make a healthy menu for the diner. Efforts to make healthy but delicious foods are successful by cutting oil use to less than 5% of ordinary consumption, stopping all refined sugars, saturated fats, and fine flour, turning table salt into Himalayan rock salt, and so on. Her passion for creating healthy food led her to establish her restaurant in the neighborhood of the famous Executive Paradise residential complex. With her love of cooking and her noble goal of making healthy food suitable for those of you who are healthy food enthusiasts, visit KALTURE Cafe & Resto as an alternative to taste dishes that you might never have tasted before. (Aldo)