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12 Countries in the American Continent Waive Visas for Indonesian Citizens


Jakarta, IO – If you are planning to go on a holiday at the end of 2023, countries in the Americas can be an option as a number of countries in the continent have now waived visa for Indonesian tourists, per CNBC Indonesia, Saturday (7/10).

One of them is Barbados. The hometown of singer Rihanna offers stunning ocean tourism. This beautiful country has more than 60 beaches. You can stay for 90 days visa-free.

Another country is Bermuda which offer visa waiver for an unlimited period of stay. Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago has seven main islands and hundreds of other islands. It is a paradise for beach lovers.

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Indonesian tourists traveling to Brazil now get 30 days of visa-free stay. Adding to these are Bolivia, Chile, Dominica, Ecuador, Guyana, Haiti, Colombia, Peru and St. Vincent and the Grenadines with visa-free period ranging from 21 to 90 days. So, it’s time to plan you itinerary and jet off to the land of spectacular natural wonders, fascinating wildlife and vibrant cultures. (un)


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