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Unpad Geophysics students win 2nd at IUGC ITB


IO, Bandung – Three students of the Geophysics Study Program, Padjadjaran University (Unpad) won second place in a scientific writing competition at the “International Undergraduate Geophysics Competition (IUGC)” virtual event held by the Geophysical Engineering Study Program, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), at the end of last month. IUGC ITB is an international-level competition that presents opportunities for geophysics students to innovate and be creative around the topic “Geophysics Role to Fulfill The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. This year, the competition was held vir tually and was attended by several universities in Indonesia.

Krishna Agra Pranatikta, Muhammad Nadhif Rizqia, and Elfrayoga Annafi, together with their supervisor Dr. Eleonora Agustine, MT, crafted a paper on the sub-theme of geophysical applications in agriculture entitled “Identification of Soil and Water Health Condition Due to Changes of Community Activity Patterns During Covid-19, Using Geophysical Methods Based on Electricity (Case Study: Citarik Watershed Rancakekek West Java 20192020)”. The paper was an effort to define the real role of geophysical science in agriculture.

IUGC ITB divides the competition into two big groups: pre-competition and main-competition. The pre-competition includes a paper competition, poster competition, photo competition, while the main-competition includes geo smart competition, seismic interpretation competition, geophysical survey design competition, and geophysical processing competition.

Nadhif, Muhammad Nadhif Rizqia’s nickname, said that this competition presented challenges, compared to previous competitions. In addition to having a long series of competitions, each participant in the paper competition must submit material in English, both in the process of drafting papers, presenting material, as well as questions and answers with the jury.

“This requirement is a challenge for us as a team. We not only have to focus on paper completion but also retrain our English skills,” said Agra, as quoted by Unpad.ac.id, Wednesday (3/3/2021).

Specifically, for the paper competition, selection begins with abstract selection on December 13, 2020. Six teams that passed the abstract selection were chosen as finalists, and had to undergo a full paper selection followed by a presentation stage. The winners in the final round were announced at the end of February. (est)


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