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The agony of gross human rights violation victims, not getting justice for 16 years


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(Source: Kompas)

President Jokowi recently officially acknowledged 12 gross human rights violation incidents that happened in the past and promised non-judicial settlements. However, Bedjo said serious human rights violations are legal issues, so they must also be resolved through judicial process.

“Remember that the events that took place in 1965 were a genocide. There were mass killings, kidnappings, discrimination, hate speech, forced labour, including rape. Now, this is not something that can be taken lightly,” he said.

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The protest was also attended by Sumarsih, family member of the 1998 Semanggi Tragedy victim, constitutional law expert Bivitri Susanti, Amnesty International Indonesia executive director Usman Hamid and concerned members of the public.

They also waved placards expressing their dismay that several other incidents have yet been categorized as serious human rights violations such as the deadly soccer stampede known as the Kanjuruhan Tragedy. (un)


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