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RRI Officially Broadcasts from IKN, Jokowi Becomes First Talk Show Guest


Jakarta, IO – Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) went on air from the Nusantara Capital District (IKN), East Kalimantan, Thursday (18/1). The inauguration of the broadcast channel which uses FM 98.3 Mhz frequency was carried out personally by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.

Jokowi was also the first guest to be interviewed at the first broadcast from the studio. He was accompanied by IKN Authority (OIKN) head Bambang Susantono and RRI president director Hendrasmo, per

In the talk show, Jokowi thanked all RRI listeners who have supported the development of the Indonesian capital. “Thank you to everyone who has supported IKN, including RRI, which is broadcasting now. Hopefully, through RRI, cool and interesting information can be distributed to the public,” said Jokowi.

Hendrasmo said that the RRI studio, which was built in the Workers Residential Area (HPK), was a temporary studio while it awaits the construction of its permanent building.

Hendrasmo said that the existence of the RRI studio at IKN is mandated by Government Regulation 12/2005 which stipulates that RRI must have presence in the nation’s capital.

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“At the same time, our presence here can also become a medium to provide information and education to the public through various networks via terrestrial and digital broadcasts to online news,” added Hendrasmo.

RRI is also building a temporary transmitter tower of approximately 30 meters with a transmitter power source of around 2 kW. (un)


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