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Relish the Japanese food dish at the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta


IO, Jakarta – Lately, Japanese cuisine has become so familiar to a number of Indonesians especially, in Jakarta. Japanese restaurants in Jakarta have been present for many years. One of them is Keyaki Japanese Restaurant that is more than 40 years old. Keyaki is one of the oldest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Based in hotel Sari Pan Pacific Jakarta, Keyaki opened simultaneously with the opening of the hotel, in 1976. Initially, this restaurant was called Furusato and since the beginning has been known as a restaurant serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Its name was changed to Keyaki in 1987. In the midst of fusion cuisine (combination) of Japan, until recently known Keyaki still provides traditional Japanese dishes.

The menu is worth trying, among others robatayaki or typical Japanese grilled dishes. This menu is the hallmark of Keyaki. Besides Keyaki Nigiri Sushi, miscellaneous teppanyaki (cooking ingredient meal on the wide flat plate called teppan), sukiyaki and yakiniku. However, whatever the choice of cooking techniques you prefer, you should try to eat this food in Japanese referred to as, gindara. In English, gindara called black cod or ikan kod in Indonesian. This fish is an excellent dish of Keyaki.

Executive Chef Keyaki Restaurant, Masami Okamoto acknowledged that codfish been a favorite in Keyaki. In Japan alone, said Masami, gindara is just one of the many species of fish in Japan enjoyed by Japanese.

“No fish are popular in Japan because we have many kinds of fish in Japan. But the Indonesian people really liked it, “said Masami.

The texture of the meat is tender and fatty fish that make this fish melt in the mouth when eaten. According to Masami, the process of gindara fish by the ordinary Japanese people is with simmering technique or cooked in sauce to simmer (such as making stock). In addition, continued Masami, tasty gindara fish can also burned.

“A simple marinade. Regular burned with salt or marinate first with miso (fermented soybean paste unique to Japan), “said Masami.

Cook a variety of options, can be baked or made as teriyaki. When in Keyaki, you can select Gindara Teriyaki dishes Set if you like sweet savory taste. Besides Gindara Teriyaki Set, you are required to try a variety of sushi and sashimi in Keyaki. If confused and you want sashimi, select only Momo Sashimi Moriawase. As the name implies, Moriawase refers to the plate containing various combinations of dishes in one type of cuisine.

So, sashimi Moriawase a sashimi dish with various combinations of fish according to what is available in the restaurant. In Keyaki, Momo Sashimi Moriawase usually consists of tuna, salmon, white fish, until the octopus. Interestingly, as a condiment wasabi common companion for sushi and sashimi, using a mixture of genuine wasabi grater. The original Wasabi is a rare commodity in Indonesia. In addition, worth a try from the the station of grill or broil, like Gyutan and Unagi Kabayaki. Gyutan a beef tongue burned until the texture is smooth. Kabayaki a splitting technique boneless fish (fillet) and then stabbed and burnt satay.

Previous smeared ketchup sauce like satay. This difference using the typical Japanese soy sauce or shoyu. Meanwhile unagi is an eel. The grilled eel seemed to melt in the mouth with a sweet savory taste of shoyu and sugar. In this April, to coincide with the spring in Japan, Chef Masami who is originally from Hokkaido offers a variety of new dishes themed Hokkaido. Hokkaido is famous as the place must be visited by fans of gastronomy. As a connoisseur of Japanese food, you should taste the typical menu owned by Keyaki Japanese Restaurant as a new reference for Japanese food that you can taste. (Aldo)


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