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PT DAP’s inspiring 33-year journey


Jakarta, IO – For decades, PT Duta Abadi Primantara (“DAP”) has been the market leader for premium mattress products in our homeland. This record of success has been made possible by meeting the standard for becoming the fully-licensed agents of reputable global brands: Aireloom®, King Koil®, Serta®, Tempur®, Ogawa®, Stressless®, Norwegian Comfort®, BedGear®, with King Koil® and Serta®, these being the dominant premium mattress brands in Indonesia. The Company also produces their own national brands: Florence®, Gooddreams®, and Simply® 

As a national bedding company, DAP obtained the trust of the King Koil® international mattress brand, as its licensee in Indonesia in 1996. Twenty years later, King Koil® granted DAP in perpetuity. In 2001, DAP obtained an exclusive license for the Serta® brand, and had the powerful company extend its license for 100 years since 2011. Other than for Indonesia, DAP also holds an exclusive Serta® license for the Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Filipino, and Vietnam markets, which strengthens its position in the Southeast Asia regional market. 

The Spirit of the PT DAP Dynamic Duo Founders 

PT DAP’s current business performance is a success story first written by its founders, Andreas Wihardja and Hendry Setiawan, when they first established the Company in 1990. Renowned business consultants Ernst and Young noted Andreas and Hendry’s achievements, and bestowed upon them the Special Award for Entrepreneur Spirit category in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 (“EOY”) event. The award is granted based on the results of assessments on the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, purpose, growth rate, impact, contribution to society, etc. 

Concerning the win, Andreas Wihardja, Chairman and Founder of PT DAP, declared that the Company’s success is based on their ability to seize opportunities in the niche business that they have loved for the past 33 years: “The two of us emphasize the importance of R & D, innovation, technology, and efficiency, as keys to resolving business challenges. We have been focusing on the development of new products and the expansion of our market. PT DAP’s success does not just derive from our own work, but thanks to the trust of our partners as well – especially the hospitality industry, specifically five-star hotel chains,” he said. 

“Of course, we have faced many challenges in developing the Company from zero until the way it is today. Our vision and mission are to be the number one premium bedding company in Indonesia and Asia,” added Hendry Setiawan, Vice Chairman and Co-Founder of PT DAP. “To achieve this vision and mission, teamwork is naturally required. Our leadership model at PT DAP emphasizes guidance and mentorship of our subordinates, a union of mutual encouragement between ourselves and them.” 

Andreas Wihardja and Hendry Setiawan are professionals who met in their younger days in Jakarta, and soon became friends. They then established DAP together, to realize their shared vision of providing an important product for people’s daily lives, which in time grew into an offering of premium products. 

Focusing on Customer Satisfaction 

PT Duta Abadi Primantara currently has 14 branches, spread throughout the 34 provinces of Indonesia. Their major production and distribution centers are located in Jakarta, Tangerang, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, and Samarinda. This network chain strengthens their market position by allowing them to satisfy the high level of consumer needs throughout the country. 

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DAP’s boutique counter, AGM, cooperates with the Company’s partners to market its premium products. DAP also built the premium boutique Sleep & Co.. located in several malls in major Indonesian urban centers, including the Pantai Indah Kapuk Indonesia Design District for the same purpose. 

President Director Anthony Setiawan went on to declare that the award has spurred PT DAP to continue doing their best. “We will therefore continue to adhere to our three core principles of craftsmanship, innovation and quality, to ensure that all brands under PT DAP can continue to grow and be pioneers in their respective classes, as well as constantly maintaining customer satisfaction,” he declared. “Therefore, DAP continues to improve its customer relations management and after-sales service, through its constant human resource development. Comprehensive customer service is a priority issue for PT Duta Abadi Primantara. This is why we have established the DAP Learning Centre, to improve the standards of our employee learning and development.” (des/ast)


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