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Prince Diponegoro’s sword found in the Dutch Museum


Jakarta, IO – Prince Diponegoro’s sword, known as Klewang (a curved single-edged sword) was found in a museum storage in the Netherlands. The news of the findings was revealed by Bronbeek Museum researcher John Klein Nagelvoort.

John said that the sword was stored at Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn, a city east of the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. However, this it is now in the possession of the museum in Arnhem, per Kompas, Fri (1/12).

John revealed that the Indonesian government had not sent a request for Diponegoro’s sword to be returned to Indonesia.

John explained that the sword has several distinctive characteristics. Some of them have dents due to the forging process. He also said that the shape of the sword does not indicate that it is of European origin. However, the hilt and scabbard are made in the Netherlands.

The curved form of the blade is similar to other Javanese swords such as the gobang and was used as a weapon of war, not for ceremonies. “A custom-made weapon: half Javanese, half Dutch,” says John.

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Prince Diponegoro is an Indonesian hero who led the resistance against Dutch colonialism in 1825 in Java. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed in the war.

Hendrik Merkus baron de Kock, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies at that time, finally managed to quash Diponegoro’s resistance after five years. The prince was then captured and died 25 years later in exile. (un)


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