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Nine million poor people will be expelled from the JKN program

IO – A decree regarding the Stipulation of Non-Contributory Health Insurance Benefciaries (Kepmensos No. 92/HUK/2021) was issued by Social
Affairs Minister Tri Rismaharini on Sep 15. 2021. In the First Dictum, it is stated that the benefciaries of non-contributory health insurance (PBI) include poor and underprivileged people based on: (a) integrated data on social welfare of 74,420,345 citizens, (b) data that has been improved using the Population Identifcation Number (NIK) of 12,633,338.

The Second Dictum states that the data mentioned in the First Dictum (b) must be verifed by the regional governments (Regency/City level) no later than 2 months after the stipulation.

In the Fourth Dictum, it is stated that since the Decree No.92/2021 has come into effect on Sep.15, 2021, the former Decree stipulated by the
Social Affairs Ministry No. 1/2021 has become invalid. The older Decree
declared that the quota of benefciaries of non-contributory health insurance funded by the state budget (PBI APBN) was set for 96.8 million people.

From the aforementioned quota, the number of PBI benefciaries as of Sep. 1, 2021, reached 96.1 million people. Data cleansing is a regular process conducted by the Ministry, referring to the Government Regulation (PP) No. 76/2015 regarding the removal and addition of benefciaries. From early 2021 to the present time, however, the data cleansing process has been far from being balanced. It has been removing the impoverished from the PBI data without adding new members, even though the poverty rate in Indonesia keeps increasing.

Based on the provisions in the First, Second and Fourth Dictum, starting Sep. 15, 2021, PBI membership comprises 87,053,683 citizens, a figure consisting of 74,420,345 (matched with Integrated Social Welfare Data/DTKS) and 12,633,338 (not included in the DTKS, but matched with the population and civil registration data). This means that there will be around 9 million – that is 96.1 million people per Sep. 1, 2021, deducted to 87,053,683 people per Sep. 15, 2021 – existing PBI participants that will be expelled by the Government, or in this case the Social Affairs Ministry, from the BPJS Health’s membership master fle. Being removed from the list means that they will no longer become active members and will not receive coverage from the National Health Insurance (JKN) program.

According to the Second Dictum of Kepmensos No. 92/2021, current PBI benefciaries are 12,633,338 citizens who will be verifed by the regional
governments (Regency/City level) within two months, starting Sep. 15, 2021. This leaves open a possibility of an increasing number of recipients who will be crossed out from the JKN program.


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