MUI: Deviant sect “Bab Kesucian” emerges in Gowa, forbid followers to eat consumer fish, milk, meat

Deviant sect “Bab Kesucian”
(Source: Special)

Jakarta, IO – South Sulawesi Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) revealed that there is a heretical sect disguised as a foundation called Nur Mutiara Makrifatullah in Gowa regency which teaches a recitation called “Bab Kesucian” (Holy Chapter) and forbid its followers from eating fish, meat, and drinking milk, as well as performing the five obligatory daily prayers, reported Detik, Tuesday (3/2).

The sect’s teachings were reported to the MUI by the local residents. “This contradicts the hadith. Forbidding people to drink milk violates the sunnah of the Prophet and pose danger to human health,” said South Sulawesi MUI secretary Muammar Bakry.

“Teaching people not to pray five times a day is also in contravention to Islamic law contained in the Pillars of Islam,” he added.

Muammar admitted that he did not know for sure when the sect entered Gowa regency. However, he found out that the head of the foundation, Hadi Minallah Aminnullah Ahmad is a migrant from Sumatra and is married to a Gowa resident who owns the land currently used as the headquarters of the foundation.

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“According to information from local residents, Bang Hadi used to interact with the local residents. However, after establishing the foundation, he became reclusive,” he said.

It is not known how many exactly the followers that the sect has. MUI advised the public to stay away from deviant sects that run counter to Islamic principles. (rr)