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Mountain Climbing Route in Garut Reopens to the Public


Jakarta, IO – Mountain climbing activities are allowed to resume in Garut regency, West Java, after it was previously closed down due to forest fires. This was confirmed by the head of the regional natural resources conservation agency Dodi Arisandi, per Republika, Wed (27/12).

However, not all areas area accessible. Mountain climbing can only be done on mountains that are under the auspices of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA).

These are Papandayan in Cisurupan district and Mount Guntur in Tarogong Kaler district. Meanwhile, Mount Cikuray is under state-owned forestry firm Perhutani.

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Dodi appealed to mountaineers to always pay attention to safety and not force themselves if they are not equipped with adequate equipment. They are also advised to always protect the environment by not to burning or starting fires that could trigger out-of-control forest fires. (un)


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