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Mount Ruang in Sulawesi Erupts, Hundreds of Residents Evacuated


Jakarta, IO – Mount Ruang in South Sulawesi erupted on Tuesday (16/4). Volcanic activity status was raised from alert level 2 to level 3.

The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG) head Hendra Gunawan said the eruption occurred at 7.19pm WITA. Then on Wednesday (17/4) at 1.08am, the eruption was recorded to last for approximately 2 minutes.

“We can still hear the rumbling sound coming from the eruption while the report was being made,” explained Hendra, per Kompas, Wed (17/4).

So far, a total of 272 households including 838 residents living in the vicinity of the volcano have been evacuated.

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PVMBG advised the public not to enter and conduct any activity within the 4km radius from the crater. Until 5am this morning, Mount Ruang has continued to spew hot clouds.

“Thank God there are no casualties. Ruang Island has been vacated. All residents have been evacuated. The Volcano Observation Station and the team continue to conduct outreach and coordination with the local disaster mitigation agency,” said Hendra. (un)


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