“It is better for Indonesia sink to the bottom of the ocean floor than to become the frill of another nation.” – Moh.Hatta


Mohammad Hatta (popularly known as “Bung Hatta”)
Born:August 12, 1902. Died March 14 1980, was Indonesia’s first vice president, he later also served as the country’s prime minister. In 1919, Hatta went to the HBS in Batavia. He completed his study with distinction in 1921, and was allowed to continue to study at the Rotterdam School of Commerce (currently Erasmus University Rotterdam) in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He took economics as his major and earned a doctorandus degree in 1932. The degree entitled him to follow a doctorate program. He then continued to pursue the doctorate degree, and completed all requirements to be awarded it, but he never finished his thesis. Politics had taken over Hatta’s life. Known as “The Proclamator”, he and the first president of Indonesia Ir.Soekarno, fought for the independence of Indonesia from the Dutch. Thoughtful intelectual anchor of the Indonesian revolution of 1945. Standing together with first Indonesian president Ir.Soekarno, the proclamation of independence was officially delivered to the public on 17 August 1945.