Tuesday, October 3, 2023 | 21:57 WIB

IPW alleges sexual harassment motive a strategy to get lenient sentence


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) chairman Sugeng Teguh Santoso alleged that the sexual harassment motive stated by one of the suspects in Brigadier J’s muder, Putri Chandrawati (PC), is only a pretext to get more lenient sentence.

“The sexual harassment allegation is highly suspected as a self-defense alibi. IPW is of the view that the sexual harassment never happened,” said Sugeng, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Wednesday (7/9).

Sugeng also highlighted a number of irregularities in the chronology of events that have been revealed so far. According to him, based on witness statements, the suspect Kuat Ma’ruf caught Brigadier J trying to carry Putri when she was sleeping on July 4.

Meanwhile, on July 6, according to him, everything seemed to be normal, as Ferdy Sambo came to Magelang to celebrate his marriage anniversary with PC. The alleged sexual harassment was only reported the day after on July 7.


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