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Indonesia Now Has 21 Hydrogen Power Plants, the Most in Southeast Asia


Jakarta, IO – State-owned electricity company (PLN) inaugurated the first batch of 21 green hydrogen plants (GHP) across Sumatra, Java and Bali, earning Indonesia the reputation of the country with the most GHP in Southeast Asia.

PLN president director Darmawan Prasodjo said these plants will boost hydrogen production capacity in Indonesia from 51 tonnes to 199 tonnes annually. Of this figure, 75 tons are used for cooling generators, while 124 tons can be used for a variety of needs, per, Tue (21/11).

PLN can also supply 424 fuel cell electric cars and reduce emissions by 3,720 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), contributing to the government efforts to achieve Net Zero Emissions (NZE) by 2060.

“This is not just a Green Hydrogen Plant, this is a milestone in the establishment of a green hydrogen supply chain in Indonesia where PLN is the pioneer,” said Darmawan.

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Green hydrogen is produced using sources from solar power plants (PLTS) located in the generating area. It also uses a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) originating from several New Renewable Energy (EBT) plants in Indonesia.

“Through the GHP, we wish to accelerate the transportation sector’s transition to low carbon source of energy,” said Darmawan. (bp)


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