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Govt Launches Diaspora Visa, Valid for Up to 10 Years


Jakarta, IO – The Immigration Directorate General launched the Diaspora Visa that is valid from 5-10 years, announced its director general Silmy Karim.

The diaspora visa applies to Indonesian citizens, were born in Indonesia, or of Indonesian descent but are now holding foreign citizenship and live abroad, per Detikcom, Tue (21/11).

With this visa, Silmy said that the diaspora can stay longer in Indonesia so that they can contribute to Indonesia.

“The Indonesian diaspora who want to make a contribution to the country are faced with the absence of a policy that facilitates it. The diaspora is an asset so we launch the Diaspora Visa as a solution to their difficulties,” said Silmy.

“They can feel that our homeland is their home too, where they can work. So, there is a sense of belonging to Indonesia.”

Furthermore, he explained that the Diaspora Visa also includes a residence permit for the applicant. To apply for this visa, they do not need a guarantor, a requirement that applies to foreigners who want to stay in Indonesia.

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Applicants, said Silmy, only need to prepare a passport and proof of sufficient financial means as well as a colored photo. Other documents that need to be attached are proof that the applicant has been an Indonesian citizen (WNI), such as ID card (KTP), birth certificate, family card, Indonesian passport, diploma or house certificate. According to the Immigration DG’s record, there are at least 6 million Indonesian diaspora spread across dozens of countries including Malaysia, Australia, China, Suriname, the United States, the Netherlands, Timor Leste, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Germany, South Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (un)


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