Govt to make it easier for elderly foreign nationals to reside in Indonesia

Yasonna Laoly
Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly. (Source: instagram/yasonna.laoly)

Jakarta, IO – The Law and Human Rights Ministry has issued a “second home” visa policy for foreign citizens (WNA) to live in Indonesia, announced Minister Yasonna Laoly at Indonesia Consulate General in San Francisco, US.

Yasonna explained several important changes to the citizenship law as well as immigration measures to facilitate the latest policies. He said in the Job Creation Law there are various new policies regarding the duties and functions of Law and Human Rights Ministry, including issuing a new type of visa known as second home.

Yasonna said the visa can be used by foreigners, including the elderly, to spend their senior years in Indonesia. It can also be used by foreigners who cannot be accommodated with other types of residence permits. However, Yasonna said, prospective applicants must meet the stipulated conditions, especially related to the principle of making a positive contribution to improve the Indonesian economy.