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Ghana Strengthens Global Partnership with Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian government welcomes business and trade partnerships with Ghana. Currently, Ghana is focused on sustainable economic development and attracting investment and global partnerships with the Indonesian government, private sector and society based on mutual benefits.

“It is an honor for us to represent the Indonesian Government to talk a lot about investment, business and trade as well as promotion with Ghana. Indonesia is a very good place to invest. Our economic growth is currently stable at 5.3% and our inflation rate is lower than 3 %. I am quite confident that we can expand and increase opportunities together,” said Deputy Minister of Trade, Jerry Sambuaga at the Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) business forum at the JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (9/10/2023).

Jerry added, Indonesia is a good place to invest and promote Ghanaian trade. Good business and trade relations with Ghana are expected to have a positive impact on bilateral relations between the two countries. “We hope to take advantage of existing opportunities to strengthen bilateral trade cooperation and work together to prioritize steps to accelerate collaborative partnerships to achieve optimal benefits for both countries,” said Jerry.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Chair of the African Bilateral Committee and Ecowas Kadin, Sylvie Tomasoa, said that the Indonesian Government must be serious about working on business and trade potential with Africa. Apart from that, entrepreneurs’ paradigm regarding African countries must be changed so that mutually beneficial synergies can be created.

“The government, through related agencies, must provide support for business and trade with Africa. Don’t think negatively about Africa anymore. Also for Indonesian entrepreneurs, they can see the excellent business potential opportunities with Africa, especially Ghana. I am optimistic that this collaboration will be created mutually beneficial collaboration,” said Sylvie.

Sylvie further said that relations between Indonesia and Africa have historical roots since the Asia-Africa Summit in 1955. Currently, Africa is targeting business with countries in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. According to Sylvie, economically and business-wise, Indonesia has a strategic position in Southeast Asia. For this reason, GIPC will carry out promotional activities, business cooperation and investment in Indonesia.

New Partnership

GIPC CEO Yofi Grant said, currently Africa has a strategic position for the world considering that all the minerals needed for the future are available in abundance. For this reason, his party is looking for new partnerships and moving away from old traditional partnerships. “We are trying to find new business partners and Indonesia is one of the potential partners we are targeting. Africa with a population of around 1.4 billion people is a potential market and therefore Ghana is the gateway for doing business in Africa. That is why we will “provides opportunities for investors to invest and enter into business relationships with us,” said Yofi.

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Yofi further said, in 2030 the population will increase to 1.7 billion and in 2050 it will increase to around 2.6 billion. This number is equivalent to a quarter of the world’s population. It is certain that it is profitable to conduct business relations with Africa. “So if you are a businessman, investor, exporter or manufacturer you can’t find a better place to do business in Africa. Currently, 60% of Africa’s population is over the age of 30. This is a huge potential market and “Ghana gives you entry into the African continent for a bigger market, a more dynamic market and a more profitable market,” added Yofi.

Florence Buerki Akonor as Ghana’s Ambassador to Indonesia said that the business and trade activities of the Government of the Republic of Ghana would not be successful without support from friendly countries such as Indonesia. “The Government of the Republic of Ghana remains committed to implementing policies that will reduce the costs of doing business with adequate regulatory, financial and logistical support to help investors build and expand their businesses. I am confident that the Ghana Investment Promotion Center will provide a deeper understanding of all aspects doing business in Ghana,” said Florence. (rp)


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