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Gerhana Banyubiru, music promoter – Grown massively since his college days


Jakarta, IO – Indonesia has become a concert destination for global musicians. This is inseparable from the persistence and toughness of our music promoters and event organizers in their efforts to get respected artists to perform in our country. Among these unsung heroes is Gerhana “Ghana” Banyubiru, the director and initiator of The Sounds Project music festival. The man born in Jakarta on 23 July 1993 is also the Indonesian Music Promoters’ Association (Asosiasi Promotor Musik Indonesia – “APMI”) Vice Chairman for Public Communications and Promotion for the 2023- 2025 term. 

The Sounds Project is one of the few music festivals that have lasted well over the years. Started because of Ghana’s penchant for organizing gigs around his campus, it is now one of the biggest music festivals in Indonesia. 

This year, Ghana plans to hold “The Sound Project Volume 6”. “The Sounds Project started in 2015. I was still an engineering student of Gunadarma University at the time, one who loved to organize gigs at our campus in Depok with my friends. We developed it gradually until it became as big as it is now. The Sounds Project itself has developed into 6 large festivals, 25 concerts, with no fewer than 136 musicians from our country and abroad playing there,” he declared proudly to Eventori. 

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Another proof of Ghana’s prowess as a promoter: last month, he successfully organized the solo concert of John “Secondhand Serenade” Vesely in Yogyakarta. He deliberately placed the performer up close to his audience. “Nowadays, many concerts are mega performances that showcase a long lineup on huge stages. Tonight, we are bringing a different experience. We want you to feel that you’re not ‘watching a concert’, but that you’re ‘hanging out with Secondhand and singing together with him’. It’s much more intimate for both performer and audience,” said Ghana, as quoted by mojok. (rp)


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