Fasilkom UI students create CardiWatch, a heart exam app

Fasilkom UI students create CardiWatch, a heart exam app
CardiWatch team at presentation.

IO, Jakarta – Clouddian Fazalmuttaqin, Nathasya Eliora Kristianti, Douglas Raevan Faisal, and Adam Maulana, students of the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Fasilkom UI), have collaborated in the development of a special examination application for checking cardiovascular disease, called “CardiWatch”, a low-cost application with preventive action. Thanks to this innovation, Clouddian and his team became finalists in the 2021 Imagine Cup held by Microsoft, attended by participants from all over the world. 

With the CardiWatch application, photoplethysmograph (PPG) -based initial screening is used to monitor the heart rate, by looking at changes in volume in blood vessels, and consultations about heart health and cardiovascular disease directly with a cardiologist. The creation of this application originated from the team’s desire to be able to provide user-friendly technology to the general public in the field of medical science. 

In addition, “The fact that heart disease is the number one cause of death in Indonesia, even in the world, is also the background for the creation of this application. We believe that with such technology everyone can participate in prevention, detection, and awareness of the importance of maintaining heart health,” said Clouddian, as quoted by Ui.ac.id, Friday (28/5/2021). 

The main feature of this application is screening for Arrhythmia, which is a condition of disturbance in the heart rhythm. To be able to perform screening, users only need to place one of their fingers on the smart device that has been installed in the CardiWatch application. After that, the screening results will be displayed to the user, displaying heartbeats per minute (bpm) and an indication of whether there is an Arrhythmia or not. 

The 2021 Imagine Cup is a competition involving young technology experts from all over the world, seeking to promote platform adaptation, expand market access and showcasing the best talent. In this competition, participants create new and innovative projects that highlight their talents and interests, and have the opportunity to meet professionals, acquire new skills, win funding to maximize the application of their ideas and receive guidance from technology leaders. 

Through several rounds of online and face-to-face competitions, participants compete for the championship title with cash prizes and a mentoring program. The Imagine Cup focuses on innovations that change the way people live, solutions, and applications that can save people’s lives. 

This competition is a forum for participants to develop effective answers to improve the lifestyles of people around the world, through the technological ideas they create. “The achievements of our students show that teaching materials in college can provide solutions to problems in society,” said the Fasilkom UI Dean, Dr. Petrus Mursanto. 

He added that Fasilkom UI supports talented students in the field of technology, to continue to innovate to answer problems as they arise in society. (est)