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Explore the legendary waterfalls of Kedung Kayang


IO – One tourist destination that is unfortunately missed if you are traveling in the mountainous tourist area of ​​Selo, this area is located between Mount Merapi and Merbabu. An interesting tourist attraction for you to visit is Kedung Kayang Waterfall. The natural panorama given is very exotic. It is in a very steep valley, but it is quite easily reached by tourists visiting.

Kedung Kayang Waterfall is located in Wonolelo Village, Sawangan, Magelang Regency. But some, or half of this waterfall is in the Jrakah, Selo, Boyolali District. This natural attraction is at an altitude of approximately 1,200 meters above sea level.

Kedung Kayang Waterfall can be reached through the main Boyolali-Magelang road. Later there will be found a sign that reads Kedung Kayang Waterfall. By paying an entrance ticket of Rp. 4,000, tourists can see the beauty of a beautiful attraction and the process of formation by natural processes that must be preserved and kept clean.

After going through the main entrance, tourists will later be found with two crossroads that can be traversed, namely to a panoramic spot up or to the point of the waterfall. If you choose to go to the waterfall point, the downhill trail will be a route that must be passed. Although the path has been updated, the road conditions are quite slippery because of thin moss covering it. Travel will be more comfortable if you wear footwear that grips well. About five to ten minutes the tourists will walk downhill, and arrive at a path that leads to the river bank that comes from the waterfall. But that does not mean the route becomes more friendly. It is precisely the real challenge that has just begun.

It turned out that the trip to reach the point of the waterfall had to cross the river. During the rainy season, the river flow is quite heavy so it takes courage to pass it. There are two ways to cross a river, namely walking in the middle of a stream or jumping on rocks. Both of them both need great courage. The risk of jumping over of course is slipping and splashing into the river. While if you walk in the middle of a river, the risk is to lose balance and fall into the river. The journey continues by passing the path on the edge of the river. Every now and then the trip must pass through the rocks. Apparently, the route to the waterfall must once again cross the river. Visitors must be smart to choose which part of the river is quite shallow.

The name Kedung Kayang itself is said to be known by citizens for generations; this tourist attraction known by local residents has a legend story, the name Kedung Kayang itself comes from giving names of three masters or powerful figures in the Wonolelo area in the past, Empu Panggung, Empu Putut, and Empu Khalik.

It is said that the masters often met at the location of the waterfall, both above and in the underwater and said to be believed to have supernatural powers. However, naturally, this waterfall was formed by frozen lava cliffs resulting from the eruption of volcanic eruptions of Merapi in the past millions of years which produced very beautiful scenery.

This tourist attraction, suitable for those of you who want to unwind and tired of living in a crowded city because of the traffic that must be passed every day. Of course, to enjoy this location you must maintain vigilance due to its natural contours which are fairly extreme.

The cliffs on the left and right of the Kali Pabelan groove, even the walls of the Kedung Kayang waterfall are very fragile and prone to landslides. Sand and soil avalanches are increasingly dangerous because they are usually accompanied by large rocks.

Tourist visits during the rainy season are not recommended. At any time, a flood can emerge; therefore, tourists must remain vigilant and follow the rules of the manager so that things do not happen that are not desirable. (Aldo)


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