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Enjoy fine dining at a Rooftop Bar and Restaurant


IO, Jakarta – For most urban people today, they are not easily satisfied with foods that taste delicious at a restaurant or cafe. Most of them also choose a place to eat that presents different nuances. Such as enjoying the meal while accompanied by a cool breeze on the roof of the building and enjoying the view of Jakarta buildings in the late afternoon. It is not surprising that more and more restaurants are located above the skyscrapers. One of the restaurants on the roof of the building is Hause of Rooftop.

The place is in MD Place building, Tower 2 Lt.6, Setia Budi Selatan, South Jakarta. Set up in the midst of tall office buildings in South Jakarta, Hause Rooftop, can be a place to unwind after work. As the name implies, Hause of Rooftop has a very homey ambiance, as if in a terraced house with spacious balcony. Hause provides two indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor area is packed in a modern rustic-style interior with antique artsy decoration ornaments. In the outdoor area, you can feel fresh air with the many potted plants that are collections of the owner of Hause Rooftop. Ranging from herbs to flower plants can be found here.

In addition, in the outdoor area the atmosphere of flickering building lights and lights in the restaurant, it adds its own accessory to the restaurant on the roof of the building. Hause itself provides additional accents of greenery in pots are arranged on the left and right on the outdoor area of the restaurant. The restaurant is not too big, but this seems to be an added value for visitors because the atmosphere is not too boisterous. Suitable for enjoying a meal or snack with light and friendly conversations.

Hause serves a variety of dishes, Asian and Western that you can choose according to your taste. Some of the foods worth trying are Creamy Salmon Pizza and Spaghetti Champignons. Creamy Salmon Pizza served is a thin Italian pizza and crunchy. This pizza is large enough and can be divided into eight pieces. This pizza is made with an additional layer of savory cheese and large chunks of salmon. Unfortunately, the salmon slices are not spread evenly in all parts. There are parts that have large slices, but there are that have no salmon at all. It’s just that the taste of the pizza itself is quite tasty and filling. Especially, when coupled with crunchy french fries seasoned with truffle oil. Additionally, Spaghetti Champignons is a pasta served with shrimp and mushrooms with olio spices that provide spicy flavor.

Their menu uses fresh and healthy ingredients, both for food and cocktails. Try their special cocktails such as Gardener’s Wife which is a mixture of vodka, triple sec, fresh watermelon fruit, pepper, and chili rice; Suntory Matehi is a mixture of whiskey Suntory, Angostura bitters, and orange zest; or Kyuri Delight which is a mixture of wine, cinnamon, rosemary, and seasonal fruits. Surely this drink can make you feel less guilty when drinking it? They also provide a collection of other alcoholic beverages. You can find Single Malt, Japanese Malt, and Bear Hug which is a blend of fruit with liquor.

If you do not drink alcohol, don’t worry about running out of options because Hause Rooftop works with Giyanti Coffee Roastery, Burgreens, Rich Tea Organic, and Dama Almond Milk. Thus, you can find a menu of their popular and recommended food and beverages. There are also processed tea drinks from Hause, juice, infused water, and Vitamine (a special non-alcoholic drink blend Hause). (Aldo)


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