Try delicious dishes of a typical Spanish menu in Por Que No

The colorful wooden chairs are refreshing and make visitors feel at home in Por Que No. The walls feature mosaic displays that represent pop culture. (photo: IO/ALdo)

IO, Jakarta – Not far from Menteng Park, stands a building De Ritsz Building that looks unique. This is the only building that has an interesting rooftop in between tall buildings in the vicinity. Anyone who sees it, certainly can imagine the thrill of bantering colleagues or family while enjoying the peaceful Jakarta at dusk. From the first floor, the building looks ordinary. However, you feel differently as you set foot on the top floor, the fifth floor. The Por Que No writing fills the wall. What is fascinating is the components that make up the writing, which is pieces of colored pencils stuck into the wall. Looks so artistic and fresh.

As the name implies, anyone would instantly think Spanish. In Indonesian, Por Que No means “Why Not?”. A lady who is a blend of Belgian and Indonesian as the manager Por Que No, Liris, said the concept of the restaurant is to bring tapas bar from Spain. Liris explained, tapas refers to a variety of food served in small portions. The confectionary was poured into a bowl and eaten together while having a drink, whether alcohol, juice or coffee.

Interestingly, the concept of tapas promoted here is adjusted with the food culture of Indonesia, which is sitting while talking. Whilst in Spain, tapas generally have minimal stall seats as they prefer to eat and drink while standing.

“Here people love to go out to eat, linger. That is why we provide a comfortable bench, “said Liris.

Overlayed with colorful wooden chair refresh the eyes and makes visitors linger at Por Que No. The walls display the mosaic artwork that represents pop culture. There is also a long brown sofa with a cushion. Amidst the attractive interiors, there is one that attracted the attention of visitors, namely a glass vase filled with colored pencil pieces of yellow, orange, green, and pink- all arranged neatly. The concept is the same as the outer walls of the restaurant that form the writing of Por Que No.

“The idea came from the owner, Melisa. The architect was her husband, “said Liris.

Structuring the outside is different from indoors. Areas in the room looks more calm and minimalist. Game color is more natural. Chairs and bar of chocolate blends elements predominantly green leaves. The outdoor chairs are usually targeted visitors who bring along a spouse or friend. After enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant, it’s time to find out what can be served by Por Que No.

Liris recommended the menu that is the most preferred customers, namely Abrol de Aceitunas Alinadas (olives) for an appetizer and Calamaras en su Tinta (squid in black ink) for the main course and White Wine Sangria (cocktail) for drinks. All menus are written in Spanish with English captions.

Liris also conveyed the differences in food presentation with Por Que No at the tapas bar actually. Here, she said, confectionary packaged in a unique and interesting. Therefore, many foodgram figures came just to take pictures of food.

Liris’s words was proved when the three menus were presented on the table. Abrol de Aceitunas Alinadas served with a tiny tree that is planted in pots with round fruit on the branches. Black and green fruit was named Olive. There is a sensation of sour, salty, and savory mixed together. Source savory flavor is derived from chopped garlic sprinkled on the surface of the olives. How to eat it is also unique, such as picking fruit from a tree. Calamaras en su Tinta none other squid black ink sauce is packaged in a small glass container. Squid pieces a lot, enough for 2-3 people. When the glass container lid is opened, the distinctive smell of the sea processed erupted. The scent makes appetite rebelled. When it piece by piece squid landed on the tongue, perhaps it may not be suitable for some people of Indonesia.

“We have purely adapted it from Spain, are not to the tastebuds here,” said Liris.

Meanwhile the cocktail tasted fresh, blend wine, lemon flavored syrup, and pieces of strawberry and apple in it.

“It’s called sangria, native of Spain,” said Liris. Eating a Spanish dish accompanied by the music instrument of jazz fusion, creates a nice atmosphere while enjoying the sun slowly setting.

If you want to enjoy delicious typical Spanish food with a beautiful view of the skyscrapers Jakarta, this place is a must visit. Suitably if you visit Por Que No on weekends in the afternoon. (Aldo)