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Election fraud revealed, Bambang Widjojanto: It isn’t a hoax


IO, Jakarta – Former Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Commissioner Bambang Widjojanto commented on the Election Supervisory Body’s (Bawaslu) decision related to election violations done by the General Election Commission (KPU).

Bambang not only commented on the decision but also criticized the KPU as according to him, there were several phrases in the decision that were not explained in more detail.

As previously reported, the Bawaslu reprimanded the KPU for violating the procedures in inputting data in their vote counting system (Situng).

Bawaslu also ordered the KPU to fix its procedures concerning data input into the Situng.

The KPU has been proven to violate data input procedures in the vote counting system or Situng.

“The KPU illegally violated data input procedures in the vote counting system or situng,” said Bawaslu Chief Judge Abhan in the verdict in Bawaslu Office, Jakarta on Thursday (16/5/2019).

Furthermore, the Bawaslu also decided that the KPU had been proven to violate registration and reporting procedures by quick count survey institutions.

“The KPU has for certain violated procedures related to the registration and reporting of institutions carrying out quick counts,” said Chief Judge Abhan

Bambang expressed his appreciation of the verdict by Bawaslu. According to Bambang, the Bawaslu finally confirmed the public suspicions relating to KPU’s Situng.

Not only that, Bambang also stated that Bawaslu’s decision also put to rest any allegations that the election fraud cases were just hoaxes.

“The Bawaslu is trying to answer the suspicions of many people surrounding Situng as the decision that was just made the Bawaslu yesterday shows that there is an indication that the fraud which has surfaced has not been a hoax.

Why isn’t it a hoax? This might be early signs that there have been mistakes. What we use here is the phrase ‘proven validly and certainly that inaccuracies happened that violated data input procedures into the Situng’,” concluded Bambang on a Friday episode of a YouTube Channel. (17/5/2019). (dsy)


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